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OmegaT Announces Improvements, Plug-ins

OmegaT Announces Improvements, Plug-ins

April 13, 2009--OmegaT is a free and open source multi-platform Computer Aided Translation tool, with fuzzy matching, translation memory, keyword search, glossaries, and translation leveraging into updated projects. The software uses the standard TMX file format to store and access translation memories.

The stable version, 1.8.1, was updated in February, and localization (including documentation) is now available in Slovenian and Czech (bringing the total to 29 languages). The introductory tutorial for CAT beginners is now available in Finnish as well as English:

OmegaT's beta version, 2.0.1, a major rewrite of OmegaT's core, is circulating widely.

In addition, very useful plug-ins have been contributed. These deliver additional features to OmegaT, when they cannot be delivered with the main package:
OmegaT-tokenizers 0.1-2.0 produce better matching and glossary function -- OmegaT-tokenizers enables OmegaT 2.0 to compute fuzzy matches and glossary matches based on stemming, which can greatly improve matching. “Stop words” (e.g., articles and conjunctions) are also ignored in fuzzy matches for a number of languages, further improving the matches. Tokenizers are available for: Brazilian Portuguese,  Chinese, CJK, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai .
    OmegaT segmentation flexibility --  An unusual feature of OmegaT is that the user can define segmentation rules (in addition to or instead of those already in place). 

"Toxic" utility 0.1.3 for Trados compatibility -- "Toxic" stands for Trados-OmegaT-eXchange. The purpose of the Toxic utility is to enable users of OmegaT to receive and deliver files in the Trados Tag Editor TTX format. Trados TTX files are produced in Trados from a number of initial source-text formats. In addition, it enables OmegaT to be used in customer workflows which require Tag Editor.

Scripting function -- If you are able to write simple scripts, you can now add functions of your own to OmegaT.

The OmegaT Project provides you with a Windows package, a Linux package and a Mac OSX package downloadable from:

The OmegaT Project always welcomes developers, localizers, and users to contribute their experience, knowledge, and insights to the software we release. All work is done by volunteers. Particularly needed at this time are translators to localize the site and documentation, since in many cases the currently available localization has not kept up with major programming changes.

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