About assignments in which the order is extracting information from documents in a language, so that that information is entered in a template in another language.

Certain service providers offer translation assignments of the type Template and Selection.

Australia is calling this Extract Translation.

That seems to generate great savings: using their letterhead, performing the translation, and then sending the translated version of the document via e-mail.

No need to stamp, sign or certify.

To make it all better, the job is translating only part of the document, not the whole lot, but sometimes they pay for all its words.

In one of these jobs, the translator had to read three documents in the other language, select the information according to their template, type it inside of their template, and then print, stamp, sign, and post to them via both electronic, and normal post (two hard copies).

Now expenses include ink (cartridge, pen, and stamp), and paper (to print, assess, and print again, as usual).

Whoever works in the way they should would have to print each page at least three times, buy postal material, Internet, etc.

It had become crime; forgery: stamping, and signing with a NAATI stamp implies that is an accurate translation of what is in the original document because that is the promise of NAATI to everyone else.

The original document may be three or more separate documents!

For us to have an accurate translation, contents need to be perfectly represented.

Who should sign the document is the own company, not the contractor, perhaps a person from inside of the company who signs for the company, but that is it.

As long as they sign under it, there are no legal/ethical issues.

If they sign, the sensation of slavery is over, since the price is outrageous, but, if all translators have to do is skimming through the original documents, and typing some words in a form, that sounds OK.

AUSIT does have some material on the topic.







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Template and Selection: Technique or Crime?
Author: Marcia Pinheiro
English to Portuguese translator
By Marcia Pinheiro
Published on 06/27/2016
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