Posture for translators: how your posture affects your job and how to improve it

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Topic: Health and lifestyle for translators

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Duration: 60 minutes.

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Summary:Understand your posture: what are the muscles that are involved, posture and pain, common mistakes, ways to improve your posture. Exercises and tools to improve your posture: from your desk, standing & sitting, key activities and exercises to target your posture and also other exercises and tips for an improved control of your body, balance and health. Examples and resources.
During this hour, we will understand our posture and its most common issues, learn how to redefine it and what are the exercises, tools and tricks that we can use to free our back and body from the pain caused by long working hours.

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"Excellent trainer. Resourceful and dynamic. Perfect English."
Veronica Allievi

"Sara came across as very knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely attend one of her webinars again in future."
Susie Jackson

Target audience
Freelancers starting in the translation industry, experienced freelancers and outsources who spend most of their time in front of a computer and wants to improve their posture and live a healthier life.
Learning objectives
In this webinar you will learn to:
• understand your posture
• understand bad and good posture
• learn what are the key factors of a good posture
• focus on the work and health benefits of a good posture: from dieting to stress management, walking, sleeping, etc.
• learn how exercise can help you to improve your posture
• explore some available tools to improve your posture at your desk and when you are not working
No particular prerequisite
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Contents will include:
• understand your posture
• anatomy and key areas involved in your posture
• most common posture issues for translators
• bad and good posture
• common mistakes
• useful exercises to improve your posture
• useful tools you can use at your desk and how to create a posture-friendly office
• examples of exercises to be done at your desk and at the gym
• the alexander technique
• the benefits of a good posture
• resources
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Sara Colombo    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Sara is a qualified En-Fr-Sp>Italian translator with 6 years of experience within the marketing, business and CE/medical devices fields backed by relevant working experience in the marketing industry.

She is also the author of the book ‘Balance Your Words. Stepping in the translation Industry’ and a blogger at
A marketer by heart, Sara loves to use social media to connect with peers but also to find new markets and niches. To get in touch with her connect through Twitter (@sc_translations), LinkedIn (Sara Colombo), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) or visit her blog!
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