Translation Project Management – 2nd part: Volumes and other counts

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Topic: Translation project management

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Duration:120 minutes
Summary:Analysis of volume counting methods (words, pages, hours, etc.) for new translation projects to minimize budgeting and planning risks.
Basing translation project quotations or schedules on an incorrect number of units can lead to serious financial consequences or the loss of a client if it results in a major delivery delay. Using counting tools unquestioningly can also jeopardize some translation projects and increase project stakeholders’ stress levels. The goal of this webinar is to make project participants aware of potential risks when counting work units. We will review all the unit types (and subtypes) to consider when setting up the management and production steps of a translation project.
Target audience
• Translation project managers
• Translators (freelancers or employees)
• Any other translation project participant
Learning objectives
Webinar objectives:
• Understand how important accuracy is in analyzing the volumes to be processed in a translation project
• Identify the various unit types to be analyzed and counted
• Determine the volumes to be considered in producing a quotation and schedule
• Grasp the risks associated with counting issues
• Translation studies
• Experience in the translation market
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1. Introduction
2. How this webinar relates to the analysis stage of translation projects
3. Volume of text to be translated
a) Support media
b) Counting accuracy
c) Program used
d) Computer-aided translation tools
e) Miscellaneous
4. Number of pages to be reworked for layout purposes
a) Need for any potential layout work
b) Program to be used
c) Complexity of the task
5. Number of illustrations to localize
a) Cultural adaptation
b) Simple overwriting
c) Faking
d) Screen captures
6. Hours to estimate
a) Tasks concerned
b) Risks
7. Conclusion of this second part
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 Nancy Matis    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Nancy Matis is the author of the book How to manage your translation projects, originally published in French and translated afterwards into English.

Nancy has been involved in the translation business for around 20 years, working as a translator, reviser, technical specialist, project manager and teacher, among other roles. She currently manages her own translation company based in Belgium and teaches Translation Project Management at three universities. She also ran seminars at numerous universities across Europe and was involved in some European projects, designing and evaluating training materials for future translators and project managers.

You can find more information on her website:

Après des études de traduction et en sciences économiques et sociales, Nancy Matis a travaillé pendant plusieurs années dans une société de traduction d’envergure internationale (traduction, révision, tâches techniques et gestion de projets). En 2002, elle a fondé sa propre société de traduction et a commencé à enseigner au sein de différents programmes de masters en traduction. En parallèle à la gestion de sa société, elle dispense actuellement des cours consacrés à la localisation de contenus électroniques et à la gestion de projets de traduction. Nancy Matis a également participé à divers projets européens en concevant et en évaluant du matériel d’apprentissage pour de futurs traducteurs et chefs de projets de traduction.

En 2010, elle a publié le livre « Comment gérer vos projets de traduction », traduit quelques années plus tard en anglais sous le titre « How to manage your translation projects ».
Vous pouvez trouver de plus amples informations sur son site web :

La liste des articles qu’elle a publiés sur d’autres sites web est également disponible depuis cette page :

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