Fachwörterbuch Technik Deutsch-Englisch

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ISBN: 3-86117-196-1
Author: Budig, Hingst, Meunier-Geske, et al
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 938
Pairs: German to English
Broad fields: Tech/Engineering, Law/Patents, Science
Specific fields: Automation & Robotics, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Construction / Civil Engineering, Telecom(munications), Computers (general), Computers: Hardware, Computers: Software, Computers: Systems, Networks, Construction / Civil Engineering, Electronics / Elect Eng, Energy / Power Generation, Engineering (general), Engineering: Industrial, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Metallurgy / Casting, Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Metallurgy / Casting, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Physics, Automation & Robotics, Computers: Software, Telecom(munications), Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Publisher: Langenscheit Routledge, 2004


Concise dictionary of technical German terms.