Hebrew - English Legal Translation Pitfalls

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Topic: Legal translation

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Duration:60 minutes
Summary:Learn how to face challenging parts of legal text when translating from Hebrew into English. This webinar looks at the possible translation tweaks from the perspective of a professional lawyer.
Learn how to avoid typical translation pitfalls and take the challenge of translating some text samples with a catch!
In this webinar, you will get advice on legal translation from a professional lawyer as well as learn some practical steps of planning your work in order to minimize errors.

In this webinar, we will practice translating a very short, yet challenging text from Hebrew into English, and get feedback from a professional lawyer, Dr. Yaakov Gorr*, (only selected feedback will be provided live, but we will comment all the submissions in a follow-up email).

Besides, Dr. Gorr will talk about a few observations he made reading certain English translations of user agreements.
Be ready to discuss, translate, share your expertise, and, of course, get a portion of translation humor!

Training plan:

  • An overview of typical legal texts pitfalls
  • Mistakes review + translation practice
  • Feedback (selected)
  • Summary: using reference materials and checklists

  • * The invited guest, Dr. Yaakov Gorr, is a law & business tutor and consultant. He started his Ph.D thesis on a new theory of legal education in 1999; it has now been commercially published. He hold additional undergraduate qualifications from three leading Australian Universities: Monash (Arts- Social work), RMIT (Business) and Tasmania (Law).
    Target audience
    - Freelancers focusing on legal translation
    - Translators who work in Hebrew - English combination
    - Translators in other fields looking to switch to legal translation

    Learning objectives
    In this webinar you will learn how to:
    - recognize potential pitfalls in legal texts
    - learn how to use reference documents to adjust terminology
    Also, you will:
    - review some typical mistakes
    - practice the actual translation of selected short texts and get feedback from a professional lawyer
    - basic experience in Hebrew - English legal translation
    - experience in Hebrew - English translation
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    - An overview of typical legal texts pitfalls
    - Mistakes review + translation practice
    - Feedback (selected)
    - Summary: using reference materials and checklists
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    Created by
    Tanya Rozanes Olevsky    View feedback | View all courses
    Bio: Since 2007 I have operated my own language studio, LinguaCom, providing translation and tutoring services to clients internationally. I have 15 years of experience as a translator and private tutor (before I started my own business, I worked with other service providers, translated and edited academic materials from scratch to publication, and taught English in various settings, both private and public). My first experience as a trainer was in 2015, when I was invited to teach a course of advanced proficiency in a translators training program in Lifshitz Academic College, Jerusalem. I was also a speaker on a ProZ Translator's Day Virtual Conference.

    I share my experience, tips and thoughts in a translation blog on my website: http://blog.lingua-com.com/. You are welcome to visit and take a part in the discussion by posting your comments and questions.

    I hold an MA in Special Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BA in Psychology as well as a BA in Culture and Language Studies (English, French). I have a certificate in Technical Writing.
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